Baccille Calmette-Guerin (BCG) Vaccine Against Tuberculosis (TB)

Q: What is Tuberculosis?

A: Tuberculosis is caused by a bacterium that is carried by almost 2 billion people. The disease usually attacks the lungs, but other parts of the body, including the bones, joints and brain can also be affected.

Q: How is Tuberculosis Prevented?

By not spending long periods of time in stuffy, enclosed rooms with anyone who has active TB; using protective measures such as face masks if you work in a facility that cares for people who have untreated TB; and if you live with someone who has active TB, help and encourage the person to follow treatment instructions. The Bacille Calmette – Guerin (BCG) vaccine is also used to prevent TB of the brain and blood, especially in children

Q: At what age do persons usually receive the BCG vaccine?

A: The vaccine is given at birth. Persons who receive the BCG may still develop TB in their adult life due to bad nutrition and general health abuse.

Q: How often do children have to take the Vaccine?

A: Only one dose of the vaccine is given

Q: What are the side effects of this vaccine?

A: Side effects include flu-like symptoms and swelling and tenderness at the injection site.

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