Name of Facility Type of Facility Facility No.
47 Miles Health Post  
Anarika Health Centre  
Calcuni / Wikki Health Centre 441-9293
Christianburg Health Centre 442-0256
Coomacka / Berbice River Health Post  
De Veldt Health Centre 338-9285
Ebini Health Post 440-9283
Great Falls  Health Post 441-9291
Hururu Health Post 440-9283
Ituni Health Centre 441-2211
Kimbia Health Post 338-9289
Kwakwani Health Centre 440-2224
Kwakwani Hospital District Hospital 440-2224
Latitia Holder Health Centre 444-2185
Linden Hospital Complex Regional Hospital 444-4953
Mabura Health Centre 441-9888
Malali Health Post 441-9299
Muritaro Health Post 444-9283
Old England Health Post  
One Mile Health Centre 444-5525
Rivers View/ Goshen Health Post  
Rockstone Health Post 444-9288
Sand Hill Health Post 338-9289
Three Friends Health Post 444-9287
Vivienne Parris Health Centre 444-6653
West Watooka Health Post 444-8888
Wiruni Health Post 441-9292
Wismar Hospital District Hospital 442-0811-2
Wisroc Health Centre 444-5868

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