Name of Facility Type of Facility Facility No.
Abrams Creek Health Post  
Abrams Zuil Health Post Radio
Affiance Health Post Radio
Akawini Health Post Radio
Anna Regina Health Centre 771-4266
Aurora Health Post Radio
Bethany Health Post  
Capoey Health Post  
Charity  Health Centre 771-4243
Charity  District Hospital 771-4243
Dartmouth Health Centre 771-4656
Dredge Creek Health Post  
Friendship Health Post  
Hackney Health Centre 771- 9286
Huis T' Dieren Health Centre 774-4529
Kabacaburi Health Centre  
Karawab Health Post Radio
Lima Sand Health Post  
Mainstay Health Post Radio
Mashabo Health Post  
Mora Health Post  
Queenstown Health Centre 771-4629
Siriki Health Post Radio
St. Denny Health Post Radio
St. Monica Health Post Radio
Suddie Health Centre 774-4560
Suddie  Hospital 774-4228
Suddie  Diagnostic Centre 774-4227/4627-8
Supenaam Health Centre 774-4529
Wakapoa Health Centre  
Windsor Castle Health Centre 771-4628

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