Name of Facility Type of Facility Facility No.
Aliki Health Post  
Belplain Health Post  
Blenheim Health Post 260-3541
Caledonia/Zeelandia Health Post  
Canal No 1 Health Centre 263-5716
Canal No 2/Bell West Health Centre 263-5722
Caria Caria Health Post  
DeKinderen Health Centre 259-0781
Den Amstel  Health Centre 276-3026
Fort Island Health Post  
Goed Fortuin Health Centre Nothing
Goed Intent Health Centre 263-7085
Hague Backdam Health Post  
La Grange Health Centre 263-5622
Lanaballi Health Post  
Leguan District Hospital 268-2321
Leonora Health Centre 268-2204
Leonora Diagnostic Centre 268-3958
Louisiana Health Post  
Lower Bonasika Health Post  
Maria's Pleasure Health Post  
Marysville Health Post  
Meten-en-Meer-Zorg Health Centre 275-0365
Morashee Health Centre  
Parfaite Harmony Health Centre  
Parika  Health Centre 260-4040
Parika Backdam Health Post  
Richmond Hill Health Post  
Ruby Backdam Health Post 260-2659
Sand Hill Health Post  
Santa Mission Health Centre 261-2561
Saxacalli Health Post  
St. Lawerence Health Post  
Troolie Island Health Post  
Tuschen Health Centre 275-0365
Upper Bonasika Health Post  
Vergenoegen Health Centre 260-2659
Verna Luke Health Post  
Vive-la-Force Health Post  
Vreed-en-Hoop Health Centre 254-1256, ex251
Wakenaam District Hospital 774-5019
West Demerara  Regional Hospital 264-2254/254-0313
Windsor Forest Health Centre 269-1120

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