Key Responsibilities

  • Develop an appropriate and effective system of monitoring farms (cattle as well as poultry and farm animals, which are destined for slaughter).  Seafood inspection is also an important component.
  • Assist in the investigation of Food borne Illnesses (Diseases and intoxication) at all levels possible to find out the source of food contamination in order to put corrective measures in place. 
  • Conduct training programmes to educate allied public health personnel and the general public on all aspects of prevention and control of Zoonoses and Food borne Diseases.
  • Carry out regular inspection of all establishments where food of animal origin is being processed. 
  • Certification of processing establishments, vessels, and landing sites when they would have attained an acceptable level of the continuum of hygiene and sanitation.
  • Certification of All Fishery Products, that which are to be exported or sold for local consumption.
  • Carry out inspections at international ports to ensure that all meat and meat products, including seafood, for export and import, are examined and certified. 
  • In situations of natural disasters, collaborate with the Ministry of Agriculture to control the animal population, movements of animals and the disposal of animal remains in order to prevent and control zoonoses.
  • With the cooperation and assistance of other relevant agencies, promote the enactment and enforcement of legislation, which relates to the functions of Veterinary Public Health.
  • Conduct epidemiological surveillance data collection, evaluation, and distribution of information on Zoonoses and Food borne Diseases of animal origin.

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