Work Plan

Below is the overview of the scope of the work that the Chronic Disease Unit is looking forward to complete by the 31st December, 2016.

  • Advertisement and hiring of communications agency to support the implementation of the communication plan for chronic non communicable diseases.
  • TV, Radio, social media and billboard ads, promotional materials, IEC materials to support major campaign such as life style changes to prevent NCDs, screening for NCDs, sickle cell and Thalassemia.
  • Sign MOUs with Ministry of Education, Social Security and the Ministry of the Communities to promote work place programmes and community involvement in NCDs awareness.
    • Establish guidelines for recruitment and Terms of Reference for NCDs peer educators, review curriculum and provide refreshers training for atleast 50 NCD peer educators.
    • Train Community Health Educators from FBO, NGOS and schools in the Community Leaders in Health Training Programme.
  • Observance of Caribbean Wellness Week, Cancer Observance Month and World Diabetes Days
    • Training session for Private sector companies NCD focal points to establish health promotional activities supporting healthy life styles-Guyana Business Coalition
    • Training of New Providers in cervical cancer screening- VIA
    • Completion of phase 2 training in diabetic foot care
  • Establishing NCD relations with atleast 3 business enterprises for NCD screening programmes
    • Annual Diabetic Youth Camp
    • Steps Survey
    • Launching of the Chronic Disease Medical Record with integrated risk screening
    • Feasibility assessment for chronic disease medical records and healthy lifestyles passports
    • Implement the use of the NCD register in Region 4 facilities
    • Training of doctors in the staging of Cancers


  • Printing of the cancer profile and standard treatment guidelines
  • Stock inventory for chronic diseases
  • Initiation of the national cancer control plan
  • Global Youth Tobacco Survey Final Report
  • Evaluation of the Indian Diabetes Risk Score
  • Tobacco cessation program terms of reference and guidelines
  • Procurement of HbA1C  analyzer and Hb electrophoresis machines for STEPS survey

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  • PAHO/WHO Reports
  • Strategies
  • Action plans
  • Legislation
  • Training Programmes Application
  • Information, Education and Communication Materials
  • Press Releases
  • Advisories