Maternal and Child Health Services


  • Provide antenatal, intranatal and postnatal care including family planning services to women.
  • Monitor growth and development in children from infancy to the adolescent period.
  • Provide vaccination services to pregnant women, children and adults in Guyana.
  • Maintain zero infant and childhood/adulthood morbidity and mortality from vaccine preventable diseases.
  • Establish and monitor standards, procedures and protocols of care including the clarification of roles and responsibilities of the different levels of care.
  • Strengthen the health information system, utilizing the data for planning.
  • Establish and implement a system for continuous evaluation of Maternal and Child Health Services.
  • Monitor trends in newborn, infant, child, adolescent, family and maternal illness with emphasis on malnutrition, anaemia and acute diarrhoeal and respiratory infections.
  • Foster and support research in Maternal and Newborn, Infant and Child Health including health systems research.
  • Identify training needs of staff involved in the delivery of Maternal and Child Health Services.
  • Advise on the introduction of appropriate technology for Maternal and Child Health.
  • Re-orient health services on sexual and reproductive health focusing on the involvement of males.
  • Increase awareness on women, families and communities to the value of maternal and neo-natal health.

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Maternal and Child Health Unit


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