Name of Facility Type of Facility Facility No.
Abrams Creek Health Post  
Abrams Zuil Health Post Radio
Affiance Health Post Radio
Akawini Health Post Radio
Anna Regina Health Centre 771-4266
Aurora Health Post Radio
Bethany Health Post  
Capoey Health Post  
Charity  Health Centre 771-4243
Charity  District Hospital 771-4243
Dartmouth Health Centre 771-4656
Dredge Creek Health Post  
Friendship Health Post  
Hackney Health Centre 771- 9286
Huis T' Dieren Health Centre 774-4529
Kabacaburi Health Centre  
Karawab Health Post Radio
Lima Sand Health Post  
Mainstay Health Post Radio
Mashabo Health Post  
Mora Health Post  
Queenstown Health Centre 771-4629
Siriki Health Post Radio
St. Denny Health Post Radio
St. Monica Health Post Radio
Suddie Health Centre 774-4560
Suddie  Hospital 774-4228
Suddie  Diagnostic Centre 774-4227/4627-8
Supenaam Health Centre 774-4529
Wakapoa Health Centre  
Windsor Castle Health Centre 771-4628

Featured Projects

Chronic Disease Control



To address the top four causes of premature death in Guyana: cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes and chronic respiratory diseases, ensuring a multi-sectoral, integrated approach is maintained. Learn More

Mental Health Unit


Mission Statement

To promote, coordinate and implement technical activities and actions directed towards strengthening the national capacity to develop policies, plans, programs and services, thus contributing to the promotion of mental health, the reduction of the burden of the psychiatric diseases, prevention of disabilities, and the development of rehabilitation. Learn More 

Maternal and Child Health Unit


Mission Statement

To ensure that women, children and family members obtain maximum health care that is necessary for their growth and development. Learn More


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